Truevo Payments Ltd – Malta

Truevo is a licensed financial institution serving the corporate wholesale market.

As a payment services provider, Truevo processes payments for businesses from front to back, from enabling payment transactions and managing card settlements, to general ledger, accounting, and financial crime mitigation. As part of its ambitious growth plans, the company has decided to expand its addressable market by targeting the global fintech community for the first time. The winning combination of Temenos’ rich, packaged functionality, together with cloud-agnostic, cloud-native technology, will provide Truevo with elasticity and infinite scalability as it grows this new business line.

The cloud-native, cloud-agnostic Temenos banking products, built on open, API-first technology, will empower Truevo to rapidly innovate. Packaged, pre-integrated, and easily upgradeable, with continuous deployment, the digital end-to-end stack will allow Truevo to implement in the quickest timeframe possible.

Stoics-IT teamed with Temenos to deliver this ambitious project with both cloud agnostic and cloud-based applications.  Since the Client was new to Temenos products, Stoics embarked on a mission to induct Client’s project team into the Temenos implementation process and explained the ‘adoption’ model keeping customization to the minimum.  Both Stoics and the Client worked together to meet their planned go-live with success.

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Laskaris Finance Ltd – Malta

Laskaris is aiming to be an up and coming European-based challenger bank for high net-worth individuals and medium to large sized corporations. Laskaris’ mission is to present a highly reformed banking experience with technology at the heart of its offering.

In order to further position itself for success, Laskaris required a state-of-the-art digital core banking platform and a vendor with local market expertise. Temenos’ model bank approach was selected to enable the Bank to launch in record time, with functionality pre-configured to meet the regulations and requirements of the EU market.

Laskaris is in the process of applying for a banking licence under the European Central Bank (ECB) and Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

Stoics-IT teamed with Temenos to deliver based on an aggressive plan the requested functionality that covered Temenos Transact, payments, Financial Crime Mitigation (FCM) screening engine and provision of restAPIs to support Laskaris channel offering from a third party vendor. Both Client and Stoics IT teams worked together in achieving project objectives within the time frames agreed. 

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