Transforming financial services

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Give your customers a unique personalized experience with Temenos Infinity, a digitally powered front office application suite. The omnichannel platform gives your customers the flexibility to bank on any device with continued experience.
Stoics IT Digital Competency Centre with certified consultants, having 15+ years of experience in digital delivery can help you offer superior customer journeys and customer experience. Digital delivery follows a proven agile methodology ensuring improved time to market.    


Move from monolithic legacy applications to Temenos Transact (T24). Based on a cloud-native and cloud-agnostic technology platform for real-time, non-stop banking. Rich features like API and microservices help you scale better, having lower infrastructure costs and quick adaptability to the ever-changing customer preferences while keeping security intact.
Stoics IT certified consultants with experience in cloud implementations (Temenos Cloud and third-party cloud providers) can help you leverage newest technologies and implement Temenos T24 using the preferred technology / cloud stack. Stoics IT integration consultants having Temenos IRIS RestAPI experience, can support your integration initiatives by leveraging either T24 model bank or customized T24 RestAPIs.  

Payments in the heart of Digital Banking

Temenos Payment Hub (TPH) is a universal centralized payments application that can be hosted on cloud and on-premise. Adhering to the latest ISO 20022 payment standards, TPH supports inbound and outbound, scheduled and real-time payments from any channel. With its straight-through-processing and auto-repair features, TPH is the final destination for all your payment challenges.
Stoics IT has established a Payments centre of excellence comprising of TPH business certified consultants, ex-banking SMEs and technical consultants with prior experience in TPH implementations.  Stoics IT SMEs can support your payments modernization and regulatory requirements including SWIFT gpi, SWIFT ISO 20022 and Instant Payments initiatives.   

Data in the centre of digital economy

Banks churn large data volumes that provide deep insights from customer behaviour and spending patterns to suspicious transactions and frauds. Temenos Big Data and Analytics application addresses those challenges providing data in real-time from a single source of truth.
Stoics IT has experienced consultants in data governance and management, with a proven experience in Temenos Analytics implementations. Data scientists have been trained in the latest Temenos products such as Data Lake and Operational Data Store (ODS).

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